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Being a woman can be fun, frivolous, tiring, physically painful, stressful, hilarious, frustrating, depressing, distressing, tear-jerking and magical.

Sometimes all at once.

The ‘Your Stories’ section of Fanny Pack serves as a home for personal essays which explore ideas on the sometimes bizarre place women hold in the world.

Thoughts on lads’ mags, online dating, mansplaining, coming out, stereotypes, bleeding, exploiting our sexuality, racism, aging, disability, sexism at work, in the street and in our own heads..

There will be short fiction too, flavoured with a generous dollop of the feminine, or feminist, or both; why the heck not.

We also hope to include first-hand accounts of things women have experienced. Like illness, miscarriage, births, deaths, marriage, divorce, sexual assault, male-female transitions, sisterhood, failure and a whole kaleidoscope of other adventures women go through.

We are so excited to get these often whispered stories out there for the world to behold, and prove that women can be loud, lairy and share-y if they want to.

The pregnancy diaries: Part Three

Peri- what? Yesterday I lay on a bed in Nervous Midwife’s office while she demonstrated to Señor B how to massage my perinea. This involved my legs being up in stirrups while she aggressively fingered me, and Señor B politely watched. Weird? Yes. Uncomfortable? Strangely no. There’s a matter-of-fact approach to the body in Spain […]

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