About us

We love women!

Old and young, black, white, brown, beige and pale pink, able, disabled, rich, poor, privileged, disadvantaged, gay, straight, bisexual, asexual, transgender women and everyone in between.

Mothers and childless women. Full-time business owners and women on the dole. Scientists, supermodels, footballers, seamstresses, carers, gardeners, hairdressers, CEOs and cleaners.

We’re doing our best to bring you funny, interesting articles about women from all walks of life who make art, produce films, create fashion, are shining in their careers, are important activists and run businesses in the UK and around the world. And sometimes just stories of the girl next door, because she’s cool too.

Our values:

  • Diversity (always a work in progress)
  • Inclusivity (please call us out if we’re ever problematic: we want to learn and do better)
  • Sense of humour and F-U-N.

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