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It all started when Eva was on a year abroad in France, she was frantically looking for the perfect card for a friend. It was when she was faced with a pathetic choice between a golfing card or a picture of a car that she thought there had got to be a better way… and Pheasant Plucker was born.

Full of tongue-in-cheek expressions that aim to keep you giggling, Eva wanted her cards to cut through the bullshit and simply say things how they are. Her own experience of traipsing around card shops looking for something different was what sparked the idea behind her designs. The myriad of card categories is another thing that really makes this brand stand out, including: Divorce, LGBT and many more.

The Products

When we say cards for all occasions, we really do mean it. Pheasant Plucker cards cover the usual topics such as birthdays, weddings but also the less conventional topics which you rarely see.

Alternative cards: You want to shake your friend out of her blues, you are lost for ideas as neither ice cream or mad nights out in town are doing the trick. Instead, put a smile of her face with this card, it’s perfect to bring some perspective and practicality to the situation.

Alternative cards, Pheasant Plucker


Alternative cards: Are we not all slightly weary of the same old Christmas cards we seem to get each year? A picture of a robin, a snowman or some airy fairy words about what a joyful time of year it is. Cut through the balderdash and send this to someone who would appreciate a chucklesome card.

Alternative cards, Pheasant Plucker


Alternative cards, Pheasant Plucker

Released in November

Alternative cards: These cards are a little more on the X-rated side of the fence, shall we say. However I am convinced for some types of personalities it will be a hit, something your partner is just not expecting; catch him off guard as such. Don’t they say it’s always good to be a little unpredictable in a relationship?

Alternative cards, Pheasant Plucker


Alternative cards, Pheasant Plucker


Alternative cards: What on earth do you write in a card for someone who has just passed their test? Whether it is a brother, sister or friend it is pretty limited. Pheasant Plucker has the answer… with this humdinger of a card it is set to bring about a giggle or two when the licence plates switch.

Alternative cards, Pheasant Plucker


Alternative cards: We are likely to have all experienced at one time in our lives our dads pulling out some embarrassing moves on the dance floor. Perhaps at a wedding or a family get-together his favourite tune came on and he let rip on the dance floor. Now is your chance to tell him how you really feel, with this simple but snazzy card. Keep it in the memory bank for next year, it will come round sooner than you think.

Alternative cards, Pheasant Plucker


The Woman Behind It All  

The path Eva embarked on was very different from what people had anticipated for her. It would be fair to say the change of direction she took was a little rebellious. Designing cards was an excellent excuse to avoid doing an essay, as she was in fact studying Maths and French at the University of Essex at the time.

Eva recalls the long hours she had to put in whilst finishing her studies, sometimes being up until 5 am fulfilling orders.

‘I loved seeing all the orders come in, but it was a bit of a nightmare trying to keep up with University work when I was having so much fun with PP’.

On the road to becoming a teacher and described as a boffin, Pheasant Plucker was a chance for Eva to pursue something which would surprise everyone who knew her. It was a chance to utilise her edgy humour and creativity, to channel it into something which would bring a smile on people’s faces.

One year Eva received a request for a personalised card for Valentine’s Day.

‘We did a customised design for a lady who was having a C-Section on Valentine’s. We loved that we could be part of their special day by making them giggle. The design said, “When I said open me up this Valentine’s, I didn’t quite have this in mind.” Makes me giggle even now thinking about it.’

What’s next for Pheasant Plucker?

Pheasant plucker has only been going 18 months, in which Eva and her business partner Sarah have only been able to work part time. Things are about to change however as Eva is leaving her full time role elsewhere behind. This November she is making the leap of faith, becoming full time at Pheasant Plucker. A chance to take her business to the next level, with a new website launching at the end of the year.

The cards are currently stocked in Creased Cards in Brighton and will be in plenty more retail stores soon, so keep an eye out.

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Written by Rebecca Gache-Ford

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