5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Is The Heroine We’ve Been Waiting For

No specific spoilers to be found, I speak very generally about this movie.

The best way to understand my points in this article is to get down to your local screen and see it. The more money this film generates at the box office, the more female-led films we’ll have in the future to review!

It’s weirdly exciting when women aren’t just in superhero films to be ogled at and it’s about time. Maybe I shouldn’t confess that I’m a Marvel gal through-and-through but their main competitor, DC, have been lacking a few good movies under their belt for quite a while. At the end of its first week in cinemas, Wonder Woman’s earned just under $150 million and has been hailed by critics as DC’s saviour.

Jenkins has been wanting to do this film since she was in talks with Warner Brothers about it in 2005. So, why is Wonder Woman the heroine we’ve been waiting for?

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman (2017) Source: Screen Rant

1) It wasn’t all doom and gloom

The Dark Knight Trilogy and Batman vs Superman? Personally, I’ve seen more upbeat funerals. Whenever they’ve tried to do “fun”, Suicide Squad and Green Lantern, I came out cringing my socks off. A change of pace was direly needed. Wonder Woman was the takeaway from a slap on the wrist by their fans, DC managed a light-hearted well-made film. I told you I’m not a DC fan but after the slight tug on the heartstrings towards the end of the film, almost welling up, they now have my attention.

2) Female-led superhero movie

When was the last time we had a female-led superhero movie? 2005 saw Jennifer Garner take on Elektra. I’ll leave the sins of the past in the past by not even commenting on that film. All I know is, it was about time we saw a woman kick ass on the big screen and we got exactly that. Well cast, Gal Gadot is exactly what I envisioned as Wonder Woman. I found myself edging off my seat with my fists clenched during fight sequences, the last time I felt like that was during Logan, a character that’s had 17 years and 8 films to get me riled up like that in a cinema. Wonder Woman had 141 minutes.

3) She’s not perfect

Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince was headstrong, naive, fiery, impulsive, often frustrating to watch as an audience member. I’d even call her a pain in the ass but her negatives came back around as positives, those attributes eventually translated as having the courage to do what needed to be done. She took control of the situation and proved herself as a leader. She wasn’t a tragic hero, she wasn’t a damsel in distress, she was capable and driven and earned her right to be a heroine.

4) Hollywood is finally catching up

I think I speak for everybody when I say I’m tired of watching the bikini-clad gorgeous female character fall in love with the hunky male lead and everyone lives happily ever after blahblahblah. Girls don’t want that, guys don’t want that. Times are changing and frankly, there are a billion other movies that could give me that kind of storyline if I asked for it, let alone even wanted it. Diana and Steve have chemistry but it’s not in your face every five minutes asking the audience if they think it will ever get paid off. The film pleasantly acknowledges that avenue and gets on with the bloody film.

5) What’s physical representation all about again?

The outfit was always going to be revealing and whilst I see no female misrepresentation issues in that (there is a comic book history that needs to be adhered to in some way), I know others might. What I want to say is this: don’t let that put you off, the movie makes fun of Diana’s outfit choices at every given opportunity. They’ve tactically made it so that you spend the film relating more to the characters Steve Trevor and his secretary Etta, you appreciate Wonder Woman from the outsider’s point of view like you’re supposed to. She wasn’t raised like me or you, she’s spent her life training to be a warrior, subsequently having the physique that she has and on an island full of demi-god warrior-women, she’s never had to worry about whether she’s at risk for her style choices. Why should she? Her wardrobe is for freedom of movement, practicality in the battlefield.

Overall, Wonder Woman’s a refreshing change of pace. No one should be praising films with women in for the sake of it, they should earn their title and for all the reasons I’ve given and some more of your own, if I’ve convinced you to get up and see it, this film deserves its praise. It’s built a solid foundation for the Hollywood green light on female-led and directed stories. We should be free to make movies that are by and using talented women, not because we need to fill a representation quota. All I can say is, I hope Marvel hit back even harder with Brie Larson in their Captain Marvel film. We already know she’s up to the job, let’s hope Wonder Woman sticks and Hollywood continue doing their bit to learn from what they now know their audiences want.

Written by Brittany Sutcliffe

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